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Celebrate the iconic music and legacy of the Grateful Dead with our mesmerizing 3/4″ metal alloy pin featuring the laser-engraved Greatful Dead Bolt. With vibrant blue and red paint, this pin captures the essence of the band’s electrifying performances. Wear it proudly to showcase your love for their timeless music and be a part of the Deadhead community. A must-have collectible for music enthusiasts and fans of the Grateful Dead, carrying the spirit of their unforgettable live experiences. Let the Greatful Dead Bolt ignite your style with its vibrant colors and legendary symbol. Inspired by The Greatful Dead

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Express Your Grateful Dead Spirit

Elevate your love for the iconic band with our 3/4″ laser engraved Grateful Dead Bolt Logo pin. Deep engraved with recessed blue and red colors. It’s a vibrant tribute to their timeless music.

History of the Grateful Dead

Discover the captivating journey of the Grateful Dead, pioneers of the psychedelic rock movement. Formed in 1965, they became known for their improvisational live performances and a dedicated fan base known as “Deadheads.” Their fusion of rock, folk, country, and blues created a unique sound that defined an era.

Timeless Songs and Musical Legacy

Explore the Grateful Dead’s rich catalog of music. Including iconic songs like “Sugar Magnolia,” “Truckin’,” and “Touch of Grey.” Their improvisational jams and poetic lyrics captured the essence of their free-spirited ethos. Inspiring generations of music lovers.

Precision Deep Laser Engraving

Each Grateful Dead Bolt Logo pin is proudly crafted in the USA using state-of-the-art laser engraving technology. Our skilled artisans utilize deep laser engraving techniques to bring out the intricate details of the iconic bolt logo. The recessed blue and red colors add depth and vibrancy, making it a standout accessory.

A Tribute to a Legendary Band

Whether you’re a lifelong fan or new to the magic of the Grateful Dead. Our pin is a symbol of connection and appreciation. Wear it proudly on your jacket, hat, or bag to show your love for the band’s music and countercultural spirit.

Elevate Your Style with Authenticity

Embrace the timeless spirit of the Grateful Dead and add a touch of authenticity to your style. The 3/4″ laser engraved Grateful Dead Bolt Logo pin is the perfect accessory to express your passion. For music and pay homage to one of the most influential bands in rock history.

Experience the precision of our deep laser engraving and celebrate the legacy of the Grateful Dead with this high-quality pin.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 55 × 42 × 21 mm

Metal Alloy




Blue, Red


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