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Unleash your inner Emoji Ninja with our striking 3/4″ metal alloy pin featuring a laser-engraved Emoji Ninja design. With sleek black paint, this pin captures the essence of stealth and expression. Make a bold statement and showcase your love for digital communication with this unique and collectible accessory. Add a touch of emoji fun to your style and let the Emoji Ninja represent your unique personality. Emoji Ninja, Stealthy and Silent.

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Unleash your unique flair with our 3/4″ laser engraved Emoji Ninja Logo Pin. We craft it from high-quality metal alloy using MOPA laser technology. Ensuring precise deep laser engraving for exceptional detail.

Explore the History of Emoji and Ninja Symbols

Discover the fascinating history behind emoji and ninja symbols. Emoji originated in late 1990s Japan and gained worldwide popularity with the rise of smartphones and instant messaging apps. They quickly became a universal language of expression. Allowing people to convey emotions and ideas concisely.

Ninjas, renowned warriors of ancient Japan, symbolize strength, resilience, and a fearless spirit. Known for their stealth, agility, and mastery of martial arts.

Important Milestones in Emoji Usage

The widespread use of emoji can be attributed to their integration into mainstream communication platforms. The introduction of standardized emoji sets, such as Unicode, ensured compatibility across devices and operating systems. This milestone enabled seamless emoji communication globally. Fostering connection and understanding in a digital world.

Precision Laser Engraving and Quality Manufacturing

We proudly manufacture each Emoji Ninja Logo Pin in the USA using state-of-the-art MOPA laser technology. This advanced laser technology ensures precise and intricate engraving, capturing the essence of the emoji ninja design. The deep engraved black mark adds depth and distinction to the pin. Making it a standout accessory.

Elevate Your Style

Embrace your individuality and express your personality with our 3/4″ laser engraved Emoji Ninja Logo Pin. Whether you’re a fan of emojis, a ninja enthusiast, or simply appreciate unique design. This pin is the perfect accessory to enhance your outfits. Add a touch of flair and creativity to your look and let your style shine.

MOPA lasers provide precise and versatile laser engraving capabilities. Delivering exceptional detail and depth for a wide range of applications.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 55 × 42 × 21 mm

Metal Alloy





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