Ying Yang Serpent Bird Pin


Embrace the balance of nature with our captivating 3/4″ copper pin featuring the laser-engraved Yin Yang Serpent and Bird logo. With a recessed laser black mark, this pin captures the harmony between opposing forces. Symbolize your appreciation for duality and unity with this enchanting and collectible accessory. A must-have for those seeking spiritual balance and a touch of elegance in their style. Let the Yin Yang Serpent and Bird pin be a reminder of harmony in your everyday life.

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Introducing The Ying Yang Serpent Bird copper pin

Embrace the perfect balance of nature with our captivating Ying Yang Serpent Bird 3/4″ copper pin. Featuring the laser-engraved Yin Yang Serpent and Bird logo. The recessed laser black mark beautifully captures the harmony between opposing forces, symbolizing duality and unity.

A Symbol of Harmony and Balance

Crafted with meticulous detail. This enchanting copper pin is a tangible expression of your appreciation for the harmonious interplay of contrasting elements. The Yin Yang Serpent and Bird logo represents the eternal dance of opposing forces. Reminding you of the delicate equilibrium that exists in nature.

Elevate Your Style with Elegance and Spirituality

Add a touch of elegance and spiritual significance to your attire with this collectible accessory. The Yin Yang Serpent and Bird pin serves as a meaningful reminder of the balance and harmony you strive for in your everyday life. Let its presence on your lapel or bag be a visual cue to seek harmony and embrace the interconnectivity of all things.

Crafted from high – quality copper. This pin exudes durability and radiates a warm and earthy aesthetic. The intricate laser engraving showcases the serpentine movement of the Yin Yang symbol. Complemented by the grace of the bird in flight. Its compact size makes it perfect for showcasing your love for balance and unity wherever you go.

Ideal for collectors and those on a spiritual journey. This enchanting pin is a must-have accessory. Its timeless design and profound symbolism. Making it a cherished piece that sparks conversations and serves as a personal reminder of the beauty and equilibrium found in nature.

Embrace the essence of harmony and balance with our captivating Yin Yang Serpent and Bird copper pin. Let it inspire you to seek equilibrium in all aspects of life and embrace the interconnectedness of the universe. Elevate your style and infuse your days with a touch of enchantment and spiritual depth.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 55 × 42 × 21 mm







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