Yin Yang Koi Fish Pin


Dive into the symbolic depths of balance and harmony with our Yin Yang Koi Fish engraved pin. This 3/4″ pin captures the essence of the yin and yang energies through the intertwined forms of two graceful koi fish. The engraving showcases the intricate patterns and delicate beauty of these enchanting creatures. Wear this pin as a reminder of finding equilibrium in life and embracing the duality within. Let it inspire you to swim through challenges with grace and tranquility.

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Mesmerizing Artistry: Deep Engraving and Lased Black Mark Bring the Yin Yang Koi Fish to Life

Introducing our captivating Yin Yang Koi Fish 3/4″ copper pin. Proudly made in the USA. This pin showcases a laser engraved design that symbolizes balance and transformation. We craft with meticulous attention to detail. Ensuring exquisite design and flawless execution that adds elegance to any attire.

The deep engraving and lased black mark bring the intricate details of the Koi Fish to life. Enhancing its artistic elements. The flowing fins and serene expressions of the fish are beautifully captured, creating a mesmerizing visual.

By wearing this pin, you can embrace the symbolism of harmony and resilience represented by the Yin Yang Koi Fish. Draw inspiration from the fish’s ability to overcome obstacles and thrive in the face of adversity. Serving as a reminder of personal growth and the transformative power of life’s journey.

Sophisticated Statement: Elevate Your Style with the Refined Design of our Copper Pin

With its refined design, this 3/4″ copper pin adds a touch of sophistication to your style. Whether attached to your lapel, jacket, or backpack. Its captivating presence elevates any outfit and makes a statement about your appreciation for meaningful accessories.

We craft our pins with craftsmanship and quality in mind. Proudly making them in the USA. Skilled artisans meticulously create each piece. Ensuring they meet the highest standards of artistry and durability. We use MOPA lasers providing precise and versatile laser engraving capabilities.

Beyond its visual appeal, this pin holds collectible value and carries personal significance. Whether you’re a pin collector or seeking a meaningful accessory. It becomes a cherished item that can be passed down through generations.

Embrace the journey of self-discovery with our 3/4″ copper pin featuring a laser engraved Yin Yang Koi Fish. Its craftsmanship, symbolism, and made-in-USA quality make it a valuable addition to the Tribal Collection. Let this captivating accessory inspire you on your path toward harmony, balance, and personal growth.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 55 × 42 × 21 mm







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