Boy Scouts of America Be Prepared Coin


Embrace the spirit of adventure with our 32mm stainless steel coin featuring the iconic Boy Scouts of America “Be Prepared” logo laser engraved on its surface. This meticulously crafted coin celebrates the values of preparedness, leadership, and outdoor exploration. Carry a symbol of honor and camaraderie with you, reminding you to always be ready for life’s challenges. Whether you’re a Scout or simply appreciate their values, this coin is a timeless tribute to the spirit of scouting.



Meticulously Crafted: Experience the Precision of our Laser Engraved Boy Scouts of America Be Prepared Coin

Introducing our meticulously crafted laser engraved Boy Scouts of America Be Prepared Coin. A 32mm stainless steel masterpiece created by our skilled artisans. Showcasing the iconic Boy Scouts emblem and the inspiring motto “Be Prepared” through precise laser engraving. Complemented by a lased recessed black mark that adds depth and enhancing its visual appeal.

With unwavering attention to detail, we carefully crafting this coin to embody the core values and spirit of the Boy Scouts of America. It symbolizes the utmost importance of preparedness, leadership, and character, serving as a powerful reminder for scouts, scout leaders, and scouting enthusiasts.

Building to endure the test of time, this remarkable keepsake can be cherished for a lifetime. Its versatile 32mm size allows for effortless carrying and displaying. While the stainless steel construction ensures its longevity, preserving its timeless beauty. Laser engraving offers precise, detailed, and permanent markings created with focused laser beams.

Embodying Scouting Values: Carry a Symbol of Preparedness, Leadership, and Character

Carrying this Be Prepared Coin is a tangible representation of your commitment to preparedness, inspiring you to embrace challenges and foster personal growth. Proudly displaying it as a testament to your unique scouting journey. Or sharing it as a meaningful gift with fellow scouts and supporters.

More than just a coin, this laser engraved Boy Scouts of America Be Prepared Coin encapsulates the profound bonds, invaluable lessons, and cherishing memories forged within the vibrant scouting community. It honors the guiding principles of scouting, and the positive impact they have on individuals and communities alike.

Embracing the enduring spirit of scouting and pay homage to the prestigious Boy Scouts of America with this exceptional coin. Place your order today and celebrate the cherished values of preparedness, integrity, and service. Let this coin serve as a constant reminder of the transformative power of scouting, empowering you to make a lasting difference in the world.

We take immense pride in crafting this product, which is proudly 100% Made in the USA.

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Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 37 × 37 × 7.3 mm





Black, Gray


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